SmartAX MA5600T

The Huawei SmartAX MA5800

FTTx-ODN Products Series


EchoLife Optical Network Terminal (ONT)

EchoLife Optical Network Terminal (ONT) series products are home-side devices in Huawei’s FTTH solutions, supporting ultra-bandwidth access using GPON technologies for home or Small Of ce/ Home Of ce (SOHO) users. EchoLife ONT series products provide POTS ports and Ethernet ports that support the Fast Ethernet (FE)/Gigabit Ethernet (GE) auto-sensing function. With strong forwarding capability, these ports ensure user experience in voice, data, and High-De nition (HD) video services, facilitate ideal terminal solutions for FTTH deployment, and support future-oriented services. EchoLife ONT series products are categorized into Intelligent bridging, bridging + voice, and gateway ONTs.


Variable-length OMCI messages ·Active/Passive rogue ONT detection and

·PPPoE/DHCP simulation testing