Quidway® S3900 Series
Intelligent and Resilient Switches

Quidway® AR46 Series

Intelligent Service Central Routers

Based on the design concept of “paying equal attention to services and performances, and smooth evolution of services”, we launch high-performance, high-reliability multi-service routers, the Quidway® AR46 Series Intelligent Service Central Routers that orient overall service and open service model, for enterprise core, industry and operator networks.

The Quidway® AR46 series routers have three models, namely, AR46-80, AR46-40 and AR46-20, which provide eight slots, four slots and two slots respectively. According to the network scale, the AR46 router can serve as a core router in a corporation network, as an edge router in a carrier network and as a convergence router in a large industry network.

Quidway® AR28 Series Routers (AR 28-09)

Modular Branch Router
Quidway® AR 28 series routers adopt the modular structure, can provide abundant optional Smart Interface Card? SIC ? and Multifunctional Interface Module? MIM ? modules. Quidway® AR 28 series routers consist of 4 sub-series: AR 28-40/80, AR 28-30/31, AR 28-1x, AR 28-09, including 11 sorts of devices now. How to divide the sub-series lies on the difference of forwarding performance and interface number. All of the Quidway® AR 28 series routers based on the HuaWei’s mature VRP operate system, so they can provide abundant functions similarly.

Quidway® ARx9 Series Routers
The Quidway® ARx9 Series Multiple Service Routers are a brand new product portfolio oriented to multi-service applications, delivering wire speed and concurrent services of data, voice and video. To meet various demands of different industries, the ARx9 series provides customers with unique experience of network flexibility and agility. The ARx9 router series integrates adaptive services into a single platform with high security and reliability, thus lowering network cost and uncertainty.

The ARx9 router series adopts optimized hardware and software structure to guarantee embedded security and high performance while providing the services covering Voice over IP (VoIP), business video and network analysis, etc. By supporting more types of modules, the ARx9 features higher interface density and more services availability. In addition, the ARx9 adopts the most advanced VRP V5 software platform, providing abundant mainstream functions such as IPv6, MPLS TE, etc.

With newly developed modules of high performance and fully compatible with interface modules of AR28 and AR46, the ARx9 series gives more modern and novel applications while protecting customers’ investment in an all-round way.

HG-W800 Home Gateway

The Star-net HG-W800 high-speed home gateway is an All-In-One solution featuring multi-functions including:

– Supports build-in HSDPA/WCDMA wireless module with speed up to 7.2Mbps

 – Build-in 802.11n enhanced WLAN complies with IEEE 802.11n draft v2.0 and backward to 802.11b/g specifications. It supports 2×2 MIMO and up to 300Mbps of rate bandwidth. The throughput of WLAN to LAN is more than 100Mbps

– Optional support ADSL2/2+ for broadband connection via existing telephone line

 – One USB 2.0 host interface could also used for printers, mobile hard disks and NAS device connecting without PC

 – One FXS port for VoIP call, Supports TR-069 remote management